The Pedersen-Patterson Connection
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Johan Wilhelm Pedersen anglicized his name to John Patterson presumably after arrival in Australia from Copenhagen.
His occupations included: Ships Bosun, Fishmonger, Ironmonger, Yachtsman
Johan operated an OYSTER SALOON in late 1860's early 1870's at 131 Lower George St Sydney.

John Patterson (Johan Pedersen) (b) about 1848 in Denmark (m) 10/12/1868 in Sydney, died 29/11/1891 Paddington, New South Wales, Australia.
* The following information has yet to be confirmed. Fathers name Peder Larsen Mothers Name Marlene Walersdt. Johan's place of birth maybe - Stadsbygd, Sor-Trondelag, Norway.

Johanna Ryan (b) about 1848 Tipperary. Ire. (d) 11/10/1902  at Newington Benevolent Asylum, Granville, aged 53. New South Wales, Australia.
Her occupation: Domestic Servant.
  1. William Peter Patterson (b) 17/08/1869 131 George Street Sydney.
  2. Christina (Louisa) Patterson (b) 22/08/1870 131 George Street Sydney (d) 10th January 1943 Oatley NSW.
  3. John Louis Patterson (b) 26/08/1872 131 George Street Sydney.
  4. Christopher Thomas (Pattersen) (b) 01/01/1875 William Street Woollahra (d) 1876 Paddington.
  5. Anna Maria Patterson (b) 12/11/1877 William Street Woollahra.
  6. Christopher H (Herman) Patterson (b) 01/11/1878 William Street Woollahra (d) Melb 1944.
  7. Elliston E (Patterson) (b) 29/12/1881 William Street Woollahra (d) 1923 Redfern NSW.
  8. Neils (Nils) Patterson (b) 22/03/1883 Cameron Street Paddington, Sydney, NSW. 1883 (d) Melbourne Victoria, 1966.
  9. Hulda Celia Patterson (b) 29/10/1885 Cameron Street Paddington (d) Unknown.
  10. Stiena Mary Patterson (b) 18/02/1888 Cameron Street Paddington.
  11. Lesley Patterson (b) 18/02/1890 (d) 12/04/1890 Cameron Street Paddington

During my research I have found a number of variations to the spelling of this family name, including; Pattison, Paterson, Patteson, Pattersen Pedersen, these variations were found mainly on Birth registrations.

Johan and Johanna were also found to be spelling variations. It would appear that from about 1900 onwards the spelling "Patterson" was adopted as the Family name.

Cameron St. Paddington.
Was the home of Johan & Johanna
Photo by R. Soulsby.
Neils Patterson (b) 1883 (d) 1966 Marriage 1: 1905 to Robina (Beany) Peterkin
Marriage 2:
Neils Patterson (b) 1883 (d) 1966 (m) Maud Lillian Drummond (b) 1892 (d) 10/ July/1982
Occupation Photographer.

Lindsay (Mick) Neil (b) 1916 (d) 1998.

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Doreen Ellen (b) 1918 in Rose Park South Australia (d) 1999 in Healesville Vic.
John (Jack) Elston. (b) 1919. (d) 2005. 20.Mar.  Riddell's Creek. Vic.

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WWII Service .
WWII Service .
Served AIF 9th Battalion Bougainville
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Police Service Record
Beatrice Pearl (b) 1922 Hobart, Tasmania (d) 20/01/2018 N.S.W.
Lorraine Louise (b) Prahran Victoria 1931. (d) 29/06/2019 Victoria
Maude Lillian Drummond.
Lindsay (Mick), Maud, w/ Jack on Knee, Doreen Ellen,
Jack Elston (b) Nov 21. 1919 (m) 1940 (d) 20.Mar.2005 Gisborne
Elizabeth (Betty) Morrison. (b) 1920 (d) 1986 Gisborne, Victoria.
  1. John Henry (b) 1940 in Coburg, Victoria. (m) Gwenda Millett (d) 1996. 20. Mar.  Melbourne.
  2. Marie (b) 1941 (d) 1941.
  3. Elizabeth (b) 1942 (d) 1942.
  4. Lesla Elizabeth (b)1945. in Gisborne, Victoria.
  5. Patricia Mary (b) 1948 in Woodend, Victoria.
  6. Lindsay Michael (b) 1955 in Woodend, Victoria.
Betty, Lesla & Jack
Gisborne - behind what is now "Skin Inn"
Lesla Elizabeth (b) 1945 (m) Colin Grahame Stockton (b) 1935 Cheadle Hume Cheshire England (d) 1972.
Lesla Elizabeth Stockton (m) 24 August 1974 Rodney James Soulsby (b) 1952 Charlton, Victoria.
Melanie Caroline Soulsby (b) 1970 Adelaide. Adopted 1974 (d) Goldsworthy Western Australia 1990 Bur Gisborne, Victoria.

Damian Jonathon (b) 1965 Melbourne, Victoria (m) in Kalamunda, Western Australia 1988 to Jacqueline Greenwell (b) 1965
  1. Jasmyn Melissa (b) 1990
  2. Louis Colin (b) 1991
  3. Jakob Neil (b) 1993
  4. Samuel Damian (b) 1995
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